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Specialized approach

Here we can find a set of specialized activities, ranging from inclusive hiking, to orientation workshops in the natural environment.

We have also designed outings for the knowledge of the plants and their utilities and even a multi-activity day.



1 Inclusive hiking


We will enjoy nature from its different perspectives

2 Orientation workshop


To learn to function in the natural environment

23 €

3 Day multi-activity

Possibility of combining different activities and all audiences


€ 45

4 Hiking and its plants


Knowledge about trees, plants and their utilities

23 €

5 Hiking and its birds


Aimed at lovers of birds and fauna in general.

€ 25

6 Hiking and geology

Canyon Lake

Erosion and water, fossils and layers, seas turned into rocks.

23 €

Inclusive hiking

Enjoying our surroundings is a right for all nature lovers and at Explora Guides we have prepared itineraries interpreted for all diversity, be it reduced mobility, low visual field or any specificity.


The knowledge of nature should not be only visual but encompasses a broader approach. For example; recognition of sounds, selection of plants and utilities or even the history of the cultures related to our itinerary.

Orientation workshop

It is an activity designed for those hikers and mountaineers with the concern of knowing the orientation techniques and being able to function independently in the natural environment.


Tasks such as knowing the environment to orient ourselves, also the management of the map and the compass in order to locate ourselves in the mountain. And all this, with practices to consolidate what has been learned.


We have thought of a day of intense activity in our natural environment, where we combine two very different disciplines. You can find and have several options:


Climbing - horse route

Orientation - climbing

Hiking - climbing

Hiking and its plants

Guides Explora combines this great experience of going out into the natural environment, while we deepen our knowledge of its most interesting trees, plants and utilities.


Activities will be carried out to identify trees, the forest and its aromatic species. We will understand how the vegetation adapts to the climate


We want you to have a general knowledge of the vegetation in our environment through practical and fun activities.

Hiking and birds

For all lovers of birds and fauna in general, Guides Explora combines a hiking trip with a bird interpretation workshop. We will visit areas of different geographical surroundings to recognize varied species.


We have mountain guides specialized in ornithology to teach us this fascinating world in a simple and didactic way.

Hiking and geological life

A trekking designed to see the passing of the history of our mountains and its continuous evolution. We will be able to appreciate seas that were transformed into vertical rock walls and we will even understand how the layers of earth and rock on the surface are formed.


An interpreted route will be carried out where you will have to iterate with the environment, in addition to searching, observing and classifying materials.

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