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Mountain courses

Courses and training

Mountain sports activities are exciting, varied and have different levels of learning to minimize risks. ​


At Explora Guides we have prepared training courses for those mountain lovers who want to acquire knowledge professionally and thus be able to practice them with total autonomy and safety. ​


We have the possibility of taking courses from simply basic mountain skills to rope

belaying on snowy terrain.


Mountain, rope and belay skills course

03/21 - 12/21

2-day course for all those mountaineers who need security when facing ascents through more vertical mountains or exposed terrain.

  • Risk planning

  • Climbing and unclimbing skills

  • Belaying your partner with a rope

  • Suitable material

  • Rappelling maneuvers, etc.



Scaling the Rocks_edited.jpg

Sport climbing course

03/21 - 12/21

1- day course to learn the fundamental concepts , techniques and necessary material in sport climbing. With the aim of being able to practice it safely and autonomously.

  • Material and knots

  • Scalar of first and second

  • Partner belaying techniques

  • Self-belay rappelling

  • Anchors, releases, difficulty, etc.




Mountaineering course
level 1

11/21 - 03/22

2-day mountaineering course that will take place in Sierra Nevada. You will learn the basic techniques of progression in alpine terrain and those aspects necessary to ascend to high mountains safely and autonomously.

  • Know the technical high mountain material

  • Self-arrests with crampons and ice axes

  • Progression techniques on snowy terrain

  • Knowing how to detect dangers: avalanches, weather

  • Basic maneuvers to secure your partner




Trekking, bivouac and self-sufficiency planning course

03/21 - 11/21

3 day and 2 night bivouac/refuge course for those mountain lovers who want to take their one-day outings one step further.

Learn how to plan all the logistics of a self-sufficient multi-day trek in the Sierra Nevada.

  • Choose the right itinerary

  • Necessary material and equipment

  • Food planning and management

  • Bivouac construction

  • Orientation and meteorology




Canyoning initiation course

03/21 - 11/21

2-day course to learn the necessary concepts, techniques and suitable material to be able to descend canyons and ravines safely and autonomously.

  • Canyoning classes

  • Necessary technical material

  • Knots, anchors and installations

  • Progressions through ravines

  • rappelling techniques

  • Safety and conservation of the environment



Training for guide (1).jpg

Mountain guide test preparation course

03/21 - 12/21

It is a training program developed for all those athletes who intend to take the mountain guide tests.

6 sessions, distributed in the morning or afternoon to train resistance, orientation, difficulty climbing, classic climbing technique and equipment, and canyoning techniques.

  • Orienteering training

  • Strength training for sport climbing

  • Specific technique for classic climbing

  • Training for canyoning techniques

  • Training supervision.




Orientation and cartography course

03/21 - 12/21

1-day course for all those mountaineers and hikers who want to know how to orient themselves in a more specific way using a map, compass and natural elements.

  • Learn to read the terrain

  • Know and know how to read a map

  • Learn to use the compass and map

  • Know how to take directions located on the map

  • Practice and acquire training in the natural environment



first aid_edited.jpg

Mountain first aid course

03/21 - 12/21

Specific 1-day course prepared for all those runners, mountaineers, hikers , MTB, etc. with the need to learn first aid as an integral part of their mountain knowledge.

  • Mountain planning and safety

  • Basic first aid equipment

  • Protocol for action in the event of an accident

  • Injuries, pathologies and fractures

  • Maneuvers to help the injured party, etc.



* These same courses are done privately for clubs with a group discount.

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